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Connecting Patients in Africa with doctors & Nurses:

We are creating a world in which more patients in Africa will have more access to doctors & nurses all over the world.

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Why choose Doctaz as
your telehealth solution?

Recognized as Africa's #1 telehealth software solution. We thrive, in part, because of our products:

eHospital Book

The electronic Hospital book is here to provide accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about patients at point of care. We say no to documenting patients’ medical history on pieces of papers.

Video Consultation

Replacing patient's physical visits to a doctor or nurse with virtual care using video consultations provides a solution to the challenge of shortages of doctors or nurses across many African countries.


Our scheduler is equipped with electronic calendars, alerts, and reminders to enable patients, nurses, doctors to manage their medical appointments, schedule calls etc.

Symptom Checker

Our interactive symptom checker will enable patients to learn more about their medical symptoms to guide them make informed decisions on the course of appropriate actions to take.

Triage Care

Triage Care manages patients’ concerns via phone calls to determine the urgency of their medical issues, symptoms and makes recommendations for level of care, education, and the way forward.

Covid 19 Monitor

The Covid 19 monitor is a covid 19 symptom checker created by Doctaz, which enables the patient to check their covid 19 status to make an informed decision on the course of action to take.

Doctaz Mobile App.

With the Doctaz mobile apps, patients can have video consultations with our network of doctors and nurses, right from the comfort of their homes.

Doctors & Nurses Online

Patients are able to see all doctors and nurses on the platform. They are also able to see those that are online at that particular moment.

Video Chat With Doctors & Nurses

Patients are able to launch video calls with doctors and nurses online right from the comfort of their homes. This way, patients have access to more doctors & nurses all over the world.

Powerful Search Filters

Our mobile app is packed with so many easy-to-use filters to help patients find the precise healthcare professional that can help them.

Tools That Power

Telehealth In Africa

Featured Product

Video Consultation

Our video consultation tool, packed with so many features, help facilitate virtual doctor's and nurse's visits through the doctaz platform.

Symptom Checker

Featured Product

Our sophisticated symptom Checker is the ideal tool to assist patients in preliminary diagnosis. Using artificial intelligence to check symptoms, it then guides patients to the appropriate medical services.

Building Minute Clinics To Support Our Mission.

Our minute clinics offer convenient retail medical services to consumers with minor illnesses and injuries. Our minute clinics also offer preventative measures including vaccinations and health screenings.

Become A Telehealth Volunteer Doctor.

When most doctors contemplate volunteering in Africa, they think about travelling and all the other challenges that come with traveling to a developing country in Africa. This is often scares many potential volunteer doctors. Nowadays, technology has made it possible for doctors from any part of the world to deliver quality and cost-effective health care services to patients in many parts of Africa without travelling to those places.

Amazing concept! This is definitely very needed in Africa. Platforms look very neat and extremely user-friendly. Definitely recommend Doctaz.

Tesa M.

Patient's Guardian

This is truly a game changer. Doctaz literally replicates a hospital practice, and represents it online. Amazing dashboards.

Dr. Ewu

Doctor, Cardiologist

Having one point of contact to keep up with my medical records, and stay in touch with my doctor, all online, is what Doctaz is amazing at.

Susanna C.


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