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Doctaz – Connecting Patients With Nurses And Doctors.

Doctaz - Software That ConnectsPatients with Doctors in Africa.

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Main Features on Doctaz

Doctors Online

With Doctaz, patients can always know when a doctor is online and can directly communicate with that doctor.

Security & Access

Doctors can only view patient’s info (Medical history, Diagnosis, Prescription) only after patient has accepted the access request sent from doctor.


Patients can request for an appointment to see a doctor the dashboard. This appointment remains pending until the doctor approves it.

Video Chat

Patients can video chat their doctors and nurses (and vice versa) directly through the system.


Patients, doctors and nurses can rate each other. In this way, everyone is more informed about each other in terms of ratings.


We use military grade encryption to secure all files uploaded to the system. All files uploaded by doctors, nurses and patients are very secured and private.

Information Hub

Patient’s medical info/documents can be uploaded to the system. This makes it easier for doctors to diagnose problems faster.

Reports & Prescriptions

Doctors can create multiple reports for patients. Doctors can also prescribe medication for patients via the system.

SMS & Email Notifications

When you have an appointment with a doctor coming up, or you have a message from a doctor via the system (and more) Our system alerts you via sms and email.

Software knowledge

Doctaz is an online platform that brings patients, nurses and doctors together online. With doctaz, once a patient has granted access to a doctor to access his/her information, the doctor can easily view that patient’s medical history, diagnosis reports and prescriptions. This helps the doctor to be more informed about the patient.  The doctor can also add diagnosis reports, prescriptions and a lot more.

Patients can video chat as well as message their doctors and nurses. Doctaz doesn’t only bring patients, nurses and doctors together but it also creates a community that facilitates a long-lasting relationship between patients, nurses and doctors. With this relationship, more lives will be saved, more diseases will be cured and more diseases will be prevented.

How to Join

Joining Doctaz is as easy as 1,2,3. Patients can sign up for free here. Once a patient’s account has been created, this patient can start uploading any medical informations, diagnosis and reports pertaining to the patient.

Doctors and nurses can register for free as well; however, their accounts will be pending until approved by the administrator after their credentials have been confirmed. Again, easy as 1,2,3.

Our Service Charge

Patients will have to pay a consultation fee before getting into communication with a doctor. Payment can be made using MTN-Pay or Orange money. We collect 20% of all payments.

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